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Susan Ivanova (Russian: Сью́зен Ива́нова) is a fictional character in the science fiction television series Babylon 5, played by Claudia Christian. Babylon 5: Character Bios: Susan Ivanova · she thought she loved Talia Winters. · sister. · A bisexual Ivanova just doesn't sit right. · Love and. Commander Sinclair, the main character during the first season, would have been former lovers with Station Security Chief Garibaldi, another. my girlfriend to watch the first four episodes of Babylon 5 with me. As a teenager, seeing a positive representation of a bisexual character on TV. In addition to being the tough second-in-command on Babylon 5, she's also one of the first LGBTQ+ characters on sci-fi TV. She has a couple. There are 2 queer characters listed for this show; 1 is dead. Regulars (2). A picture of the character Susan Ivanova - Years: , , Susan Ivanova is a main character in the science fiction television series Babylon 5. Do you want to try some new features? By joining the beta.

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Hope and Gloria (sitcom) NBC ? Hair stylist Isaac (Eric Allan Kramer) appeared in the first few episodes but was quickly written out. Babylon 5 . I was reading one of the answers to this question and it implied that Talia Winters and Susan Ivanova were involved in a same-sex relationship on Babylon 5. Until I watched Babylon 5. Susan Ivanova, bisexual, Jewish, and even looking quite a bit like me blew into my consciousness like a meteor. The loss of the possible lesbian relationship was not the only disappointment. All the character development invested in Talia Winters over the. Gay and lesbian characters are so often murdered on television that we have our very own trope: Bury Talia Winters, Babylon 5 ().

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Teresa Covey at right and Officer Brandon Hoover of the Harrisburg Police Department wear motorcycle masks to protect them during the coronavirus pandemic. April 01, Sean Simmers ssimmers pennlive. As the novel coronavirus spreads across the country infecting hundreds of police officers in other cities, many police departments in Central Pa. The pandemic created an acute shortage that is impacting medical workers and others on the front lines, including police officers. In Harrisburg, police had some masks on-hand but not nearly enough for every officer. Teresa Covey got an idea. An avid motorcyclist, she was familiar with the face shields worn by riders to protect from wind, bugs and weather. She suggested the microfiber shields as an option to provide officers with some barrier against the virus as they continue to interact with the public as a necessary part of their job. The department bought of the shields, which are sometimes called biker bandanas, and handed them out Tuesday, two per officer. They feature an American flag design with a blue line to illustrate law enforcement's separation of order from chaos.


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