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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

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According to The New York Post, Rivera was trying to get an interview with New York Yankees star Aaron Judge before a game last week. ESPN national baseball reporter Marly Rivera has been fired after an incident at Yankee Stadium in which she uttered the words, “f–king c–t” toward a fellow female reporter over an Aaron Judge .


ESPN national baseball reporter Marly Rivera has been fired from the network after hurling an expletive at a fellow female reporter following a disagreement.
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by Anonymous:.
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ESPN fires MLB reporter Marly Rivera for calling fellow reporter ‘f–king c–t’ I think the equivalent would be if a male reporter called a female reporter a fucking cunt - would he be fired the same as Rivera. I wonder if every home run he hits now he thinks “wonder whose night I’m fucking up now”. by Anonymous: reply 9: April 26, 2023 11:59 PM: Marly is short for Marlene. …. On Wednesday, the New York Post reported that MLB reporter Marly Rivera was fired by ESPN after calling fellow reporter Ivón Gaete a “fucking cunt” at Yankee Stadium.

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A day after ESPN fired baseball reporter Marly Rivera in the aftermath of a vulgar confrontation with another reporter, a report from The Washington Post has detailed Rivera’s history of having . Rivera reportedly tried to apologize to Gaete, but Gaete rejected the …. ESPN 'fires baseball reporter Marly Rivera for calling fellow journalist Ivon Gaete a "Fucking cunt"over an interview with Aaron Judge', as network cuts ties with her after 13 years covering MLB. al/BsoOB9U. Apr 26, 2023 · New York Yankees.
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Rivera “no longer works here,” ESPN informed USA Today in a statement. According to the New York Post, Rivera and another reporter, Ivon Gaete, had a dispute .
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According to USA Today, the sports network said in a statement that Rivera “no longer wor….
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ESPN MLB reporter Marly Rivera fired after calling fellow reporter a “fucking cunt” 28 Apr 2023 03:58:05.

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