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You might think that the "spare the rod, spoil the child" theory of discipline went out of vogue a generation or two ago, but plenty of parents still spank their kids -- though after reading the latest study, they might want to stop. According to the most recent research, corporal punishment does not result in any of the positive qualities parents hope it will, including "friendliness, openness, kindness, sympathy, and understanding of others" A long-term study of 3, urban US families with young children published in the Child and Family Blog showed that kids' social competence is not linked to spanking or any other form of physical punishment. Spanking is , however, linked to such negative outcomes as "higher levels of aggression, poorer mental health, lower cognitive ability, more negative relationships with parents, and a higher risk of delinquency and criminality. The study also found that the key to producing all those positive outcome we want for our kids is -- perhaps unsurprisingly -- maternal warmth affection, positive reinforcement, and responding verbally to children. However, being kind to kids does not decrease the aggression associated with spanking -- or, in other words, giving your child a big hug after smacking him on the bottom won't undo the damage.
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Spanking children does not make them ‘nicer’, but hugging does

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3 negative effects of spanking that will harm kids in the long run – Playful Notes

When you go to investigate you find them fighting over a toy, your oldest child waving it just out of your youngest child's reach. Your brain is fried from a long day of work and the dinner is burning, so you need to resolve the situation quickly. What do you do? Parents often find themselves in stressful situations like this, and are forced to make snap judgements about the best course of action. So just how common is spanking? Negative Impacts of Spanking.
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Spanking: How We Have Normalized Hitting Our Kids and Why We Need to Stop

Spanking or smacking has no impact on the positive qualities that most parents value in children, such as friendliness, openness, kindness, sympathy and understanding of others. Recent studies with national samples of parents have found that over three-quarters of children are spanked at least once, and most are spanked more often. The practice peaks at about age 3. However, our study demonstrates that parents are misguided if they believe that spanking makes their children better behaved.
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Almost every caregiver has experienced that emergency that makes them want to impulsively discipline their child. For example, your child chases a ball into the street, directly into traffic, unaware of the oncoming truck. You bolt after them, grab them by the arm, and rush both of you to the sidewalk. For some adults, this intense activation leads them to strike a child.
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