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5 card draw with joker rules

At CardzMania, all poker games are for fun without a pot limit, and there is no real money involved. Player left of the dealer is called the left blind, also known as the small blind; they make the initial bet in the game. The player left of the left blind is called the right blind, also known as the big blind; they double the bet of the left blind. The positions of the dealer and the two blinds rotate clockwise after each game. The dealer is identified by the small black dealer button with D next to one of the poker players. After the blinds make their bets, the dealer passes out five cards to each player.
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Choice Poker | Kakegurui Wikia | Fandom

Ring of Fire. If we had to draw up a chart of the best drinking games to ever exist in the history of humanity, this one would probably be pretty high up on the list. A classic at basically every pre-drinks, Freshers event and house party ever, Ring of Fire is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Plus, unlike games such as beer pong, there's little equipment or prep needed. And while learning new dinner party games to mix things up a bit can be fun, there's nothing like getting stuck into an old fave. The joy of being the thumbmaster and seeing that nobody else has noticed yet? Pulling an Ace and everyone screaming " waterfall "?
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How to Play Three Thirteen - A Family Card Game

If your regular poker buddies are starting to find the standard game of Seven Card Stud a little too repetitive, Follow the Queen can be a great way to liven things up. However, the introduction of wild cards adds a whole new dimension to the game that makes it a hugely entertaining addition to your regular poker night. Both games follow the same format, but in this version queens and the cards which follow them become wild cards that can radically alter the course of a game. Why we love it: With its wild-card rules in place, Follow the Queen adds a whole new level of excitement and unpredictability to traditional Seven Card Stud, making it a great way to liven things up on poker night. As with most poker games, players must ante before the cards are dealt.
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Last Card is a popular card game played in New Zealand in schools and gaming venues. It is similar in most aspects to Uno , Mau Mau or Crazy Eights but several rules differentiate it, for instance the function of a particular card. When a 5 has been played, the following player must draw five cards or play another 5 stacking , forcing the next player to do the same or be forced to pick up ten the original 5 plus the following 5 cards. With there only being four 5 cards in a standard deck, the maximum draw is 20 cards.
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